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The island of Cipanku

Cipanku dabbles in mysticism and technology. The labs of Nanto produce Digital Temtem, while the monks in remote hills among the rice paddies revere Electric Temtem. While the Cipanki are less literal in their religious practice, they still respect the old traditions.

No place has grown faster than Cipanku in the last few years. Changes have been more sudden and spectacular here than elsewhere. Once a very traditional culture with a tendency for quiet perfectionism and spiritual contemplation, the Cipanki have adapted to the times - and in fact have brought about many of those changes themselves. While northern Cipanku still holds its allure as a land of hilltop temples and tranquil rice fields, Nanto has turned into a burgeoning metropolis, driven by the innovations of their labs.

While Cipanku was once more closely associated with the Electric Temtem venerated by monks, nowadays its renown comes from their invention of Digital Temtem. These new creatures are making the impossible seem feasible and have sparked a wave of inventions that might revolutionise not just Temtem fighting, but also make airships obsolete. The Archipelago is at the threshold of a new era, and the inventive Cipanki are at the heart of it.

~ Kickstarter Update #15

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Cipanku is heavily inspired by Japan, with the name being derived from "Cipangu", which is the name Marco Polo gave Japan back in the 13th Century. Electric Temtem are revered as kami, which are divine beings and sacred natural phenomena in the Shinto religion.

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