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Our own take on Guilds for Temtem. Gather your friends and create a Club together. Chat with your Clubmates and participate in the weekly Clan battles to conquer the Dojos.
~ Kickstarter

Clubs in Temtem are akin to other MMO's guild system. They can be created with friends, and have a specific image and name that helps distinguish them from the rest. Clubs also provide an internal chat as well as support for easy trading or battling between club members. Each week, there will be a special event during a specific time frame in which Clubs will be able to conquer special Dojos by challenging the Club that currently manages that Dojo and having a Clan battle. These Dojos are special, and there's only one in each of the islands.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Clubs were first announced 14 June 2018, as a $400,000 Stretch Goal during the Temtem Kickstarter campaign.