Crystal Shrine

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Crystal Shrine
Connected Areas Corrupted Badlands

The Crystal Shrine is a place in which you can evolve certain Temtem such as Tuwai. It is located in the Corrupted Badlands on Tucma, at the far eastern edge. The Rock-hopping hook is required in order to reach it.

The Crystal Shrine is revered by the Brothers of the Shard as a holy site, and the player cannot access it without first defeating their leader, Chahuatl.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The grass around the Crystal Shrine contains only two kinds of Temtem: low level Tuwai, and level 50-55 Zenoreth. As of Early Access (0.5.8), these Zenoreth cannot be caught, as the level cap is 48.
    • However, that does make the Crystal Shrine an ideal place for grinding XP at this time. Each Zenoreth defeated offers ~4500 XP.
  • The Crystal Shrine can be used multiple times.