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Find Kemal
Main Quest? Yes
Previous Quests First Aid
Starting Location Quetzal
Reward Squeezer
Energy Drink
TC008: Awful Song
Rock Shield

Starting[edit | edit source]

Complete First Aid

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Tip: if you need help finding the houses, check the gallery section of this article to view their locations marked on the world map.

  1. Tell Izel that Octlana is fine
    • Izel is located in the red quartz house next to the entrance of Quetzal.
  2. Ask the owner of the Jaguar Lounge about Kemal.
    • Head directly east from Izel's house, and enter the building right of the Tamer Supply Store. Ask the peach-haired woman behind the bar about Kemal.
  3. See if Jimena at the Lounge has heard of Kemal...
    • In the same building, ask Jimena, the gray-haired woman seated at the bar, about Kemal.
  4. Ask a patron of the Jaguar Lounge (Yela) about Kemal...
    • Now ask the couple seated at the table about Kemal.
  5. Ask the drunk about Kemal...
    • Finally, ask the blonde male directly south of the couple about Kemal, then leave the bar.
  6. Dead end! Leave the Jaguar Lounge...
  7. Visit Manki at his house
    • Manki lives in the house left of the Smith's Guild.
  8. Manki knows another way to Kisiwa, via rock-hopping
    • You will need to complete Beached Narwhal before meeting Manki.
    • Meet Manki on the surface, south of the entrance to Quetzal. He is by the mini-temporium.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Octlana asks the player to find Izel and Kemal after the Narwhal crash.

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