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Technique Information
Type meleeMelee
Class StatusStatus
Damage 0
Stamina Cost 15
Hold 1
Priority 3_High
Synergy None
Synergy Effect -
Targets Self

Footwork is a meleeMelee Type Status Technique. It is also a Technique Course, labelled as TC:015.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Footwork raises the user's Speed stat by 2 stages.

Description[edit | edit source]

Advanced balance training developed by Tucmani rockhoppers: it confers SPD +2.

Technique Course[edit | edit source]

TC015: Footwork is a Technique Course that teaches any applicable Temtem Footwork. It has infinite uses, and is a reward from the A Rock Too Far side-quest.

Temtem[edit | edit source]

Temtem who learn Footwork
Temtem Learn Method
Platox.png Platox Course
Platimous.png Platimous Course
Mudrid.png Mudrid Course
Lapinite.png Lapinite Course
Azuroc.png Azuroc Course
Zenoreth.png Zenoreth Course
Valash.png Valash Course
Gyalis.png Gyalis Level Up
Mushook.png Mushook Level Up
Mastione.png Mastione Course
Baboong.png Baboong Level Up

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