Lady Lottie's diary

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Lady Lottie's diary
Category Key
Consumable No
Limited Quantity Yes
Purchasable No

Starts the Lottie's Diary quest.

Description[edit | edit source]


"Day 1. Arrived from Deniz. In utterly foul mood. Will get my revenge on outrageous Denizan interloper. This I swear by my Braeside ancestors. Distraught. Tea."

"Day 3. Made point of buying all skates on island, ensure nobody reaches volcano. Dr. Hamijo, intolerably disrespectful for a boffin commoner. But one has orders. Respect for chain of command, etc. Ran out of tea"

"Day 5. Arrived at this dismal Banyan-place. Awful overgrowth everywhere. Kicked out natives. No decent tea to be found anywhere."

"Day 10. Still sans tea. Slowly perishing in this forsaken place."

"Day 12. Dr. Hamijo finally making some sort of progress. Has triggered an eruption or some such. Natives growing restless. Ho-hum."

"Day 14. Tremendous eruption. Airship access blocked. My liege approves, says good cover for the General's Kisiwan op. Hamijo refuses to report daily as requested."

"Day 15. Eyes on Nanga docks say Narwhal arrived, Tihani on her way. Must hurry. Cannot wait to get to Arbury and have a proper cuppa tea."

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Found on the bottom floor of the Giant Banyan in a hidden room.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is more in the diary.

Gallery[edit | edit source]