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Nanga city.png
Welcome to Omninesia.
Connected Areas Narwhal
The Canopath

Nanga is a town located on the island of Superior Omninesia. It is the twin town to Mokupuni, located at the very west of the Superior Omninesia. It is the first town the player arrives to after flying on the Narwhal airship from Deniz, and the largest city in Omninesia.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Myrisles Engineering[edit | edit source]

"May the earth always be firm under your feet." That's what we say to each other at Myrisles Engineering.
~ Civil Engineer

Myrisles Engineering is a building located to the south-east of Nanga. It is a large building with sleeping quarters and a work area with many computer stations. The side-quest, Blueprint Delivery, is started here.

The Feather and Opal[edit | edit source]

The Feather and Opal is a fashion store located near the Temorium and future Furniture store. The store stocks various cosmetic clothing items and dyes, as listed below.

The Feather and Opal
Image Name Cost In-game description
Leafy Bag 2999Pansuns.png Currently Unavailable Made with authentic, especially cured leaves of the Giant Banyan by Mokupuni artisants.
Trendy Knapsack.png
Trendy knapsack 25999Pansuns.png A small and smart knapsack, with two separate zipped compartments, to keep Tecmards and potions tidy.
Daisy Buns 35999Pansuns.png A bold choice for tamer with luxuriant hair. Don't try to sleep on it!
Big Bandana 3749Pansuns.png Keeps your hair out of your eyes during Temtem fights.
Mohawk 28999Pansuns.png All the rage among alternative young (and young-at-heart) tamers.
Rugged Shirt 32549Pansuns.png This traditional design evokes the intrepid times of the first Archipelago explorers.
Plain T-shirt 18999Pansuns.png Show your true colours with this uncomplicated short sleeved t-shirt.
Dojo pants 1949Pansuns.png Although not compulsory any more, many Dojo students still wear them with pride.
Nanga Miniskirt 22999Pansuns.png A cute design with a subtle pattern inspired by Canopath leaves.
Nanga Vibes dye bundle 2399Pansuns.png A combination of colours inspired by the vibrant city life of Nanga.
Narwhwal Adventure dye bundle 2399Pansuns.png This dye bundle is a homage to airship captains and their daring exploits.

Temporium[edit | edit source]

Temporiums are locations throughout the game where you can heal and store Temtem free of charge. They also contain stores to help you resupply for your adventures in the Airborne Archipelago.

Image Name Effect Buying Selling
Scent Reduces untamed encounters for 100 meters. 60Pansuns.png 60Pansuns.png
Smoke Bomb Teleports the Player to the last visited Temporium. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
TemCard Allows to capture and Tame Temtem 15Pansuns.png 10Pansuns.png
TemCard+ Allows to capture and Tame Temtem with an increased catch rate. 80Pansuns.png 55Pansuns.png
Antidote Heals the PoisonedPoisoned Condition Status Condition. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
Awakener Heals the AsleepAsleep Condition Status Condition. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
Cooler Heals the BurnedBurned Condition Status Condition. 200Pansuns.png 139Pansuns.png
Balm Restores 25 HP. 80Pansuns.png 55Pansuns.png
Balm+ Restores 70 HP. 325Pansuns.png 227Pansuns.png
Ether Restores 20 STA. 100Pansuns.png 69Pansuns.png
Ether+ Restores 45 STA. 300Pansuns.png 209Pansuns.png
Revive Revives with 50% HP and 50% STA. 500Pansuns.png 349Pansuns.png
Power Revive Revives with 25% HP and 100% STA. 700Pansuns.png 489Pansuns.png
Tonic Restores 15 HP and 12 STA. 80Pansuns.png 55Pansuns.png
Tonic+ Restores 42 HP and 27 STA. 350Pansuns.png 244Pansuns.png

Quests[edit | edit source]

Side Quests[edit | edit source]

Nanga Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Blueprint Delivery Access to Tucma Lightning Rod
1,200 Pansuns.png

Items[edit | edit source]

  • 2x TemCard+ (In Myrisles Engineering in a trashcan next to the two Taterus)
  • 1x Lightning Rod (In Myrisles Engineering, all the way downstairs, given to you by Oliana)
  • 2x Enhancer Mango (In Myrisles Engineering, all the way downstairs, in a trashcan next to Oliana’s Assistant)
  • 2x Sea Queen Dye (In Myrisles Engineering, all the way downstairs, in a trashcan next to Intern)
  • 1x TemCard+ (In an itembox next to Nangui Grannie and Nangui Toddler)
  • 1x Lure (From Tarlae after describing Deniz)
  • 1x Hand Fan (From Tarlae after describing Omninesia)
  • 1x Knickerbockers (south part of residential quarter)

Gallery[edit | edit source]