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Connected Areas Arissola

Narwhal is a zeppelin or airship commanded by Adia Turay. The crew is comprised by captain Adia Turay, first officer One-eyed Matthew, navigator Kemal and other members. It flies the Arissola-Nanga-Uhuru route. The ship travels at sixty knots, and carries an extensive library for its passengers to enjoy. Its engines are "Top-notch Tucmani engineering", as Octlana puts it.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Battles[edit | edit source]

First time[edit | edit source]

Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Max Piraniant.png Lvl. 23 Loali.png Lvl. 23 Oree.png Lvl. 28 Ganki.png Lvl. 27 LumaBarnshe.png Lvl. 26 Saipat.png Lvl. 26 Just before getting on the Narwhal. 1352 Pansuns.png

Second time[edit | edit source]

Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Belsoto Air Pirates Skunch.png Lvl. 30 Babawa.png Lvl. 30 Baboong.png Lvl. 30 Mastione.png Lvl. 28 Inside the Narwhal, on the top floor. 795 Pansuns.png
Lady Lottie* Pocus.png Lvl. 32 Kalabyss.png Lvl. 34 Barnshe.png Lvl. 35 Granpah.png Lvl. 35 Raican.png Lvl. 35 On the bow of the airship 1940 Pansuns.png

*It is not necessary to win this fight to progress in the story.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Narwhal Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Flight of the Narwhal Complete First Steps
A trip to Kisiwa Complete Adventure in the Myrisles

Side Quests[edit | edit source]

Narwhal Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Travel Writer Varies Lure
Hand Fan

Items[edit | edit source]

  • 2x Cooler (First Deck in room with Kisiwan Traveler and Omninesian Traveler in a trashcan)
  • 1x Vital Durian (First Deck near Frequent Flier and Asterion in a trashcan)
  • 4x Silicon Shard (Cargo Deck in the first crate right of the stairs)
  • 1x Enhancer Avocado (Cargo Deck all the way right in a crate)
  • 2x Vigorous Loquat (Cargo Deck in a White Box next to a Barrel that’s a tight corner next to the Stowaway)
  • 1x Vital Durian (Second Deck, in the room with Kemal and in a trashcan)

Note: All the items are only found on the first time aboard the Narwhal.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The ships engines were replaced just a couple years earlier, which made the old engineer quit.

Gallery[edit | edit source]