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The Jewel of Tucma
Connected Areas Nahua Crater
Quetzal Dojo
Mines of Mictlan

Quetzal is a mining and manufacturing city, and the only city on Tucma, one of the islands in Temtem. Residents of Quetzal are known as Quetzaleño's.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The beautiful city of Quetzal is illuminated by various crystal lights.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Temporium[edit | edit source]

(Mini-)Temporiums sell various kinds of items depending on their location.

UI-Map Icon Temporium.png Quetzal Temporium

Quetzal Dojo[edit | edit source]

The UI-Map Icon Dojo04.png Quetzal Dojo is led by Yareni Yareni and focuses on toxicToxic and crystalCrystal type Temtem.

Airship Terminal[edit | edit source]

The UI-Map Icon NarwhalRight.png Airship Terminal houses all incoming and outgoing airships. After the Beached Narwhal is completed, the player will be able to ride a different airship to travel to earlier areas in the game.

Paktli's Boudoir[edit | edit source]

Paktli's Boudoir is a Boutique located in the north of the town near the road to the Dojo.

UI-Map Icon Boutique.png Paktli's Boudoir
Dye Bundles

Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies[edit | edit source]

Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies is a gear shop located at the north of the town, at the right corner of the path leading to the Dojo. All items in the shop can only be purchased once.

UI-Map Icon GearStore.png Akatzin's Tamer's Supplies

Jaguar Lounge[edit | edit source]

A well known tavern in Queztal, ran by Yela, and a good place for mushroom stew and a glass of Quetzaleño Reposado. The Tucmani drinking song "One-hundred Temessence Vials" commonly wails through the building.

Smiths' Guild[edit | edit source]

The Smith's Guild is responsible for most of the metalworking on all six islands. Guildmaster Jatziri is the current guildmaster who oversees the guild's contracts. It makes Tucm'as jewelry, famous throughout the Archipelago, and other local handcrafts. Most metals come from Tucmani ore, from kitchen spoons to construction beams.

Seedstone Square[edit | edit source]

In the center of town, Seedstone Square is the location of the Seedstone. It is said the stone is where all crystalCrystal originate.

Trading Post[edit | edit source]


Obsidian Furniture[edit | edit source]

This store sells furniture that can be used in Housing.

Items[edit | edit source]

Quetzal's Water Supply[edit | edit source]

The manner by which Quetzal collects its fresh water is an important but complicated matter. After all, the Xolot Reservoir is completely undrinkable. In order to remain hydrated, the city relies on a complex natural filtration system. Over the course of months, the xolotic water drips down through the rocks, and by the time it reaches the city, it has become purified. However, the system is dangerous. With the slightest shift in the earth, the water may begin to move down too fast and remain toxic by the time it reaches the bottom. In order to stabilize such a delicate but life-determining process, Dr. Sugey's team has been researching the soil and the river to come up with alternatives.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A quetzal is a bird from Central America.

Gallery[edit | edit source]