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Pearl of the Sillaro
Connected Areas Sillaro River

Turquesa is a quaint little town that boasts the ancient Riverine Fellowship. It is the fourth town in the game after you leave Sillaro River. It is located in the southeast corner of Deniz, and is only accessible by using the Surfboard. The town is very peaceful and there are no wild Temtem spawning in the area.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The city mainly consist of docks and a few beaches. The Skeptical Researcher says there are grottos north of Turquesa, but these are yet to be released.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Eidolon Beauty[edit | edit source]

Eidolon Beauty Items
Image Name Location Cost In-Game Description
Pushed-Up Shades 2,999 Pansuns.png For when you wear them just for the feels.
Swimmer Kit 32,999 Pansuns.png Ready to explore any body of water... or just to chill by the poolside.
Faded T-shirt 21,999 Pansuns.png Create your own cool color transitions!
Striped T-shirt 19,999 Pansuns.png Nothing like simple stripes to show off your best tints!
Flowery Sarong 24,999 Pansuns.png Practical and cute wraparound skirt from the Myrisles.
Swimwear 14,999 Pansuns.png For tamers who spend a lot of time on the beach and don't mind flaunting it.
Sundress and Sneakers 1,799 Pansuns.png A cute look for when you want to lounge around or hit the Dojo.
Striped Backpack 33,499 Pansuns.png Ideal for school, Dojo practice or simply to carry your TemCards and a sandwich.
Sillaro Romance dye bundle 28,999 Pansuns.png A love affair of blues, whites, and glittering hues
Dock Serenade dye bundle 28,999 Pansuns.png The colors of a fullmoon night by the docks.

Temporium[edit | edit source]

Image Name Effect Buying Selling
Scent Reduces untamed encounters for 100 meters. 60Pansuns.png 60Pansuns.png
Smoke Bomb Teleports the Player to the last visited Temporium. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
TemCard Allows to capture and Tame Temtem 15Pansuns.png 10Pansuns.png
Antidote Heals the PoisonedPoisoned Condition Status Condition. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
Awakener Heals the AsleepAsleep Condition Status Condition. 120Pansuns.png 83Pansuns.png
Balm Restores 25 HP. 80Pansuns.png 55Pansuns.png
Balm+ Restores 70 HP. 325Pansuns.png 227Pansuns.png
Ether Restores 20 STA. 100Pansuns.png 69Pansuns.png
Ether+ Restores 45 STA. 300Pansuns.png 209Pansuns.png
Revive Revives with 50% HP and 50% STA. 500Pansuns.png 349Pansuns.png
Tonic Restores 15 HP and 12 STA. 80Pansuns.png 55Pansuns.png
Tonic+ Restores 42 HP and 27 STA. 350Pansuns.png 244Pansuns.png

Turquesa Trading House[edit | edit source]

The Turquesa Trading House is located to the north of town, surrounded by residential buildings. It is owned by Verónica, who has lost her keys to the building. It will be a location to trade Temtem. As of Alpha 0.5, it is closed.

Sirokos[edit | edit source]

Sirokos is a tavern located in the south part of Turquesa. The location is owned by Jana, who is currently located outside of the building. According to Jana, the restaurant is named after "...the good wind that blows our sails towards the Great Sillaro". As of Alpha 0.5, the location is closed with a WIP sign over the door.

Items[edit | edit source]

1x Revive (Reward from Old Despina for completing Message In A Bottle side quest)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Idris is known to visit Sirokos when he isn't working.
  • The water located in town does not have any Temtem spawns.
  • Turquesa is Spanish for Turquoise.

Gallery[edit | edit source]