Wake Up

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Wake Up
Technique Information
Type neutralNeutral
Class PhysicalPhysical
Damage 1
Stamina Cost 0
Hold -
Priority 4_VeryHigh
Synergy None
Synergy Effect -
Targets Single Target

Wake Up is a Physical damage-dealing neutralNeutral-type Technique. Wake Up is also a Technique Course, labelled as TC:004.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Wake up and smell the coffee! Inflicts minimal damage but wakes up the target instantly."

Technique Course[edit | edit source]

TC004: Wake Up is a Technique Course that teaches any applicable Temtem Wake Up. It has infinite uses, and is a reward from the Study Up side quest in Mokupuni, Omninsesia.

Temtem[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of Temtem who learn Wake Up.

Temtem who learn Wake Up
Temtem Learn Method
Swali.png Swali Course
Loali.png Loali Course
Tateru.png Tateru Course
Paharo.png Paharo Course
Paharac.png Paharac Course
Granpah.png Granpah Course
Hidody.png Hidody Course
Taifu.png Taifu Course
Skail.png Skail Course
Skunch.png Skunch Course
Orphyll.png Orphyll Course
Nidrasil.png Nidrasil Course
Bigu.png Bigu Course
Babawa.png Babawa Course
Kaku.png Kaku Course
Saku.png Saku Course
Barnshe.png Barnshe Course
Nessla.png Nessla Course
Kalazu.png Kalazu Course
Kalabyss.png Kalabyss Course
Adoroboros.png Adoroboros Course
Kinu.png Kinu Course
Vulvir.png Vulvir Course
Vulor.png Vulor Course
Vulcrane.png Vulcrane Course
Pigepic.png Pigepic Course

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