Held Anger

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Held Anger
Technique Information
Type neutralNeutral
Class PhysicalPhysical
Damage 130
Stamina Cost 12
Hold 3
Priority 1_Low
Synergy None
Synergy Effect -
Targets Single Other Target

Held Anger is a neutralNeutral Type Physical Technique. It is also a Technique Course, labelled as TC:016.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Held Anger deals damage to a single target with no additional effects.

Description[edit | edit source]

All that suppressed rage keeps building up... until it bursts in a nova of wrath.

Technique Course[edit | edit source]

TC016: Held Anger is a Technique Course that teaches any applicable Temtem Held Anger. It has infinite uses, and is a reward from the First Aid quest.

Temtem[edit | edit source]

Temtem who learn Held Anger
Temtem Learn Method
Platox.png Platox Course
Platimous.png Platimous Course
Tateru.png Tateru Course
Skail.png Skail Level Up
Skunch.png Skunch Level Up
Orphyll.png Orphyll Course
Nidrasil.png Nidrasil Course
Saku.png Saku Course
Valash.png Valash Level Up
Raican.png Raican Course
Saipat.png Saipat Level Up
Sparzy.png Sparzy Level Up
Adoroboros.png Adoroboros Breeding

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