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Traits are passive characteristics of Temtem that have an effect in combat. Any individual Temtem can have one of two traits depending on the species. Alterable between the two by utilizing a Telomere Hack - Trait Swap at the cost of 1 fertility value. They can be activated under various conditions, such as using or getting hit by techniques of specific types, entering combat or depending on the presence of status conditions. The effects of traits vary likewise, and can either be positive (in most cases) or negative. They may prevent certain status conditions, increase damage by techniques or modify stats.

When Temtem evolve, they will get the trait belonging to the same trait slot as displayed in the Tempedia. E.g. a Ganki with the Cold-Natured trait (its second trait) will evolve into a Gazuma with the Fast Charge trait (also its second trait). The same rule applies to offspring of Temtem obtained via breeding, when using the Engineered DNA Strand.

Available Traits[edit | edit source]

This list is outdated and contains inaccuracies. Please refer to the individual trait pages for up to date information. A new table is being worked on.

Traits List
Name Effect Temtem
Aerobic When attacking with wind Wind, gets SPDEFStats and SPDStats. Volarend
Air Specialist +15% damage with wind Wind techniques. Saku, Barnshe, Zephyruff
Amphibian When attacked with a water Water technique, gets SPDStats. Fomu, Saipat, Crystle, Platypet, Bigu
Anaerobic When attacking with toxicToxic, gets SPDEFStats and SPATKStats. Volarend
Apothecary When attacking with a Special.pngSpecial technique, the target gets Poisoned Condition Poisoned for 1 turn if it's an enemy or Regenerated Condition Regenerate for 1 turn if it's an ally. Orphyll
Autotomy Gets Evading Condition Evade 2 when enterting battlefield for first time. Garyo
Avenger When an ally is knocked-out, gets SPDStats and SPATKStats. Tental
Benefactor When an ally is damaged, restores 10% of max HP. Kinu
Body Stretch Gains Regenerated ConditionRegenerate 2 when resting. Osukai
Book Lungs Damage taken from waterWater Techniques reduced by 30%. Akranox
Botanist +15% damage with natureNature techniques. Loali, Hidody, Saku, Spriole
Botanophobia When attacked with a natureNature technique, increases damage by 50%. Ganki
Brawny Physical.pngPhysical techniques do 20% more damage. Skunch, Baboong, Osuchi
Bully While allies outnumber rivals, techniques inflict +30% damage. Granpah, Skunch, Mastione, Blooze
Burglar Disables the gear of targets when attacking them if they have Asleep ConditionAsleep or Exhausted ConditionExhausted. Vulffy
Caffeinated Prevents the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition. Paharac, Kaku, Magmis, Umishi, Vulvir, Bunbun, Osuchi
Callosity When attacked by a Physical.pngPhysical Technique, gets DEFStats. Cerneaf, Kuri
Camaraderie When attacked, reduces 50% damage if both allies are part of the same evolutionary line. Paharac, Raiber, Spriole, Vulvir, Kuri
Channeler Damage done with Special.pngSpecial techniques is increased by 25%. Zenoreth
Cobweb Also applies Trapped ConditionTrapped 2 whenever applying Poisoned ConditionPoisoned. Akranox
Confined If giving itself the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition, also gets DEFStats and SPDEFStats. Tortenite
Cold-Natured Instead of getting Cold ConditionCold, the Temtem instead gets Frozen ConditionFrozen. Ganki
Coward's Rest Whenever a Temtem with Coward's Rest rests, it gains the Evading ConditionEvading Condition for 2 turns. Grumper
Deceit Aura When on battlefield, attack order reversed Nagaise
Demoralize When entering the battlefield, all enemies get SPDStats. Raize
Determined Prevents negative stat stage changes. Platimous, Valash, Tuvine
Dreaded Alarm Enemies lose 20% of max HP when resting. Pocus
Earthbound Gets DEFStats whenever uses an earthTechnique. Seismunch
Efficient All stamina costs reduced by 30%. Tortenite
Electric Synthesize When attacked with an electricElectric technique, restores HP instead of receiving damage. Hidody, Nessla, Lapinite, Zizare
Energy Reserves If HP is below 25% by the end of the turn, gets Vigorized ConditionVigorized for 2 turns. Piraniant, Grumvel
Escapist While a Temtem with Escapist is on the battlefield, neither it nor its ally can get the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition. Also, when it enters the battlefield, its ally loses the Trapped ConditionTrapped Condition if it has it. Turoc
Fainted Curse When knocked-out, the attacker loses 30% of max HP. Pigepic, Azuroc
Fast Charge When a digitalDigital ally enters the battlefield, gets SPDStats. Gazuma
Fever Rush When getting a Status condition, gets ATKStats. Smazee
Flawed Crystal When attacked by a mentalMental, toxicToxic, or electricElectric Technique, increases damage by 50%. Anahir
Friendship Immune to ally's offensive techniques. Paharo, Pigepic, Smazee
Furor When HP is below 33%, techniques do 33% more damage. Raize, Skail, Pycko, Osukan
Guardian Prevents the Cold ConditionCold, Burned ConditionBurnt, Poisoned ConditionPoisoned and Doomed ConditionDoomed on the ally. Shuine
Heat Discharge When a Temtem knocks out another Temtem with Heat Discharge, it gets the Burned ConditionBurned Condition for 3 turns. Drakash
Hover When attacked with an earthEarth Technique, reduces damage by 50%. Paharo
Hurry-wart -1 Hold when entering battlefield. Mouflank
Hydrologist +15% damage with waterWater Techniques. Fomu, Pewki, Ukama, Oceara, Nessla, Kalazu
Immunity Resists damage from toxicToxic Techniques. Shuine
Individualist Techniques from this Temtem targeting the ally will fail. Vulor
Inductor Each time a Temtem with Inductor uses an electric technique, 8% of its maximum life is restored if the technique does damage. Grumper
Last Rush Increases ATK, SPATK, and SPD by 50% while being the last standing allied Temtem. Granpah, Capyre, Sparzy
Loneliness Synergies won't work on both allies. None
Marathonist When attacking, gets SPDStats but Stamina cost is 50%. Garyo
Mental Alliance Increases SPATK by 15% if an ally is mentalMental. Houchic
Mirroring When attacked with a Special.pngSpecial Technique, the attacker gets 25% knockback damage. Sherald, Hocus, Azuroc, Gyalis, Pocus
Mithridatism Prevents the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned Condition. Swali, Kaku, Deendre, Oceara, Kalazu
Motivator At the start of the turn, allies restore 10% of STA. Raican
Mucous Damage taken from electricElectric techniques is reduced by 30% and prevents the Cold Condition Cold and Burned Condition Burnt Status Conditions. Babawa, Kalabyss
Neutrality Prevents all Status Conditions. Barnshe
Parrier Damage taken from Physical.pngPhysical Techniques is reduced by 30%. Mushook, Osukan
Patient Restores 10% of max STA when using a Hold Technique. Wiplump, Piraniant
Plethoric Temtem has 30% more SPD when HP is full. Wiplump, Ukama, Goty
Power Nap At the start of the turn, restores 15% of max HP of an Asleep ConditionAsleep Temtem. Toxolotl
Prideful When attacking, gets ATKStats, SPATKStats, and SPDStats if the target gets knocked-out. Raican
Protector When entering the battlefield, the ally gets DEFStats and SPDEFStats. Kinu
Provident When attacked by a fireFire, earthEarth, or meleeMelee Technique, gets SPDEFStats. Sherald
Punching Bag Damage taken from melee Melee Techniques is reduced by 30% Goolder
Puppet Master While HP is below 40%, received rival Techniques get redirected to the ally. Myx
Pyromaniac +15% damage with fire Fire Techniques. Banapi, Vulor, Mastione
Receptive When getting a favorable status condition, increases its duration by 1. Mudrid, Gazuma, Tuvine, Vulcrane
Rejuvenate When attacking with a Physical.pngPhysical Technique, restore 15% of max HP. Myx, Pocus
Resilient Cannot be knocked-out due to overexertion. Tateru, Taifu, Capyre, Tuwai, Platox, Bunbun, Mushi
Resistant When getting a negative status condition, decreases its duration by 1. Platox, Mudrid, Gyalis, Mushi
Rested Increases ATK and SPATK by 30% during the first 2 turns the Temtem is on the battlefield. Raiber, Pewki, Crystle, Goty, Zizare
Scavenger Restores 20% of max HP if another Temtem is knocked-out. Skail, Lapinite, Valash, Occlura, Kauren
Self-Esteem Removes all negative Status Conditions when knocking-out a Temtem Seismunch
Sensei Uses SPATK for Physical.png Physical Techniques and ATK for Special.png Special Techniques. Osukai
Sentinel While a Temtem with Traits is on the battlefield, neither it nor the ally can get the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition. Also, when it enters the battlefield, if the ally has the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition, it loses it. Drakash
Settling Increases ATK by 8% for each turn the Temtem stays on the battlefield. Banapi, Deendre, Cerneaf, Grumvel
Shared Pain When receiving a consecutive attack in the same turn, the technique gets redirected to the ally. Swali, Umishi
Skull Helmet Takes 25% less damage from melee Melee or mentalTechniques. Kauren
Soft Touch When attacking a target with Asleep ConditionAsleep target, the condition won't be removed. Tateru, Houchic, Hocus
Spoilsport +25% damage with multi-target techniques. Tuwai
Spreader Whenever a Temtem with Spreader attacks with a Special Technique, the attack affects the entire target team instead but deals 50% less damage. Tukai
Strong Liver When attacked with a toxicToxic technique, restores HP instead of receiving damage. Goolder
Synergy Master Damage done with synergy techniques is increased by 25% while the Temtem participate in the synergy. Adoroboros
Tactical Strike Whenever a Temtem with Tactical Strike attacks with a technique with a hold of 1 or more, the damage is increased by 15%. Turoc
Tardy Rush Gets 100% SPD and 10% ATK after on battlefield for 3 consecutive turns. Rhoulder
Team Elusive Is not affected by multi-target attacks. Vulffy
Thick Skin When attacked by a windWind technique, reduces damage by 50%. Magmis, Rhoulder
Tireless Prevents the overexertion turn penalization. Mushook, Pycko
Toxic Affinity toxicToxic techniques get a damage boost of the same type. Saipat, Platypet, Orphyll, Zephyruff
Toxic Farewell When knocked-out, the attacker gets the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned Condition for 3 turns. Loali, Taifu, Nidrasil, Toxolotl
Toxic Skin When attacked with a Physical.pngPhysical Technique, the attacker gets Poisoned ConditionPoisoned for 2 turns. Noxolotl, Blooze, Kalabyss, Adoroboros
Trance If attacked when HP is below 30%, gets Asleep ConditionAsleep and Regenerated ConditionRegenerate for 2 turns, and SPATKStats and SPDEFStats. Noxolotl
Trauma Gets DEFStats when attacked with a Physical.pngPhysical Technique, and gets SPDEFStats when attacked with a Special.pngSpecial Technique. Anahir
Tri-Apothecary When attacking with a Special.pngSpecial Technique, the target gets Poisoned ConditionPoisoned for 3 turns if it's an enemy or Regenerated ConditionRegenerate for 3 turns if it's an ally or itself. Nidrasil
Unnoticed Gets SPDStats when isn't attacked for entire turn. Mouflank
Vigorous Damage done when overexerting is increased by 50%. Vulcrane
Warm-Blooded Prevents the Cold ConditionCold Condition. Bigu, Occlura, Baboong
Water Affinity waterWater Techniques get a damage boost of the same type. Tental, Droply
Water Custodian waterWater Techniques targeting ally will target this Temtem instead. Nagaise
Withdrawal When resting, restores 15% of max HP and removes the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition. Babawa
Wrecked Farewell When knocked-out by overexerting damage, every Temtem loses 25% of max HP. Zenoreth
Zen When getting the Asleep ConditionAsleep Condition, gets DEFStats and SPDEFStats. Platimous