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This quest cannot be fully completed as access to Kisiwa and other islands is not yet available.

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Travel Writer
Main Quest? No
Starting Location Narwhal
Starting NPC Tarlae
Requirements Access to the Narwhal
Reward Lure
Hand Fan
And you are on your study pilgrimage, judging by your age, aren't you? That's very convenient, I need someone who can travel...
~ Tarlae

Travel Writer is a Sidequest obtainable by Tarlae when initially boarding the Narwhal. After leaving the Narwhal, she can be found in a house in Nanga. She asks the player to travel around the Archipelago to be her "eyes and hands" on their journey, gathering in-depth information about the interesting places on each island. Because she broke her leg crashing into a coral reef while trying to learn how to surf in the Sillaro River, she cannot go herself. She nearly drowned. While completing her tasks, she will reward the player with each task, giving a variety of useful items.

Starting[edit | edit source]

Talk to Tarlae aboard the deck of the Narwhal.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

After the Narwhal crashes, she can be found in her house in Omninesia. Just head South and find her watching TV on her couch in the small community of 3 houses. (She is the rightmost)

  1. Report to Tarlae about Deniz.
    • Meet Tarlae inside their house in the Nanga residential quarter. Any of the chat options are acceptable. You receive a Lure for completing this step.
  2. Inform Tarlae about Omninesia.
    • You will receive a Hand Fan for describing Omninesia.
    • You cannot get credit for this step immediately after landing in Nanga, you must explore more first.
  3. Report to Tarlae when you visit another island
    • You will receive a Coat for describing Tucma.
  4. Inform Tarlae about Tucma and Kisiwa.

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