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The island of Tucma

Tucma, “The End of All Things” – a vast desolation of ashes, noxious lakes and Toxic Temtem. Under the surface, the mining city of Quetzal is home to artisans, rock-hoppers and Crystal Temtem.

In a way, Tucma is the darker side of the Omninesian story – while the Myrisles are green and lush, spared from volcanic ejecta by the prevailing winds, those same currents routinely shower Tucma in toxic fumes and ashes. As a result, the surface of Tucma has become a lifeless wasteland, and the Tucmani have retreated underground. There, in the depths of the Nahua Crater, they have created their great city of Quetzal, a marvel of stone, crystal, light and industry. Once part of the same mega-island as Kisiwa, Tucma is now famous for its metalwork, jewellery and Crystal Temtem.

Very few venture to the surface, except to catch Toxic Temtem in the noxious waters of the Xolot Reservoir or to participate in the traditional Tucmani sport of rock-hopping – using just a hook, the practitioners jump from rock to rock, covering great distances. Before airships were invented, the Tucmani used this method to visit their brethren in Kisiwa. Nowadays, it has become a bit of a relic, like the ruins of the former capital, entombed under the crystalline surface of the Amethyst Barrens.

~ Kickstarter Update #15

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  • The inspiration for Tucma comes from Tucumán, a province in Argentina. The name Tucumán might be a deformation of the word Tucma itself, which means "the end of things". Most places within this region are named after figures or places in Aztec mythology. Character names come from a variety of Mesoamerican and South American cultures, though mostly Aztec or Quechua. Cenotes feature promeniently and the guards wear Shuine (a temtem similar to the feathered serpent deities) uniforms, further drawing this comparison.
  • Tucma is the biggest wild Temtem reserve because of how severely they avoid the surface.

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