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TemTem was released on Steam in Early Access on the 21st of January 2020, with the release of version 0.5. Before that, the game was in a closed Alpha available to backers of the Kickstarter.

TemTem also had a stress test a few weeks before release on the 11th, 17th and 19th of January 2020. Version 0.4 was released for the stress test.

Note: Notes marked with a 👥 symbol were originally suggested/reported/mentioned by community members on the Crema Forums.

Alpha 0.5[edit | edit source]

TemTem was released on Steam in Early Access on the 21st of January 2020, with the release of version 0.5. This version consists of 19 patches so far.
Alpha 0.5.19
Alpha 0.5.18
Alpha 0.5.17
Alpha 0.5.16
Alpha 0.5.15
Alpha 0.5.14
Alpha 0.5.13
Alpha 0.5.12
Alpha 0.5.11
Alpha 0.5.10
Alpha 0.5.9
Alpha 0.5.8
Alpha 0.5.7
Alpha 0.5.6
Alpha 0.5.5
Alpha 0.5.4
Alpha 0.5.3
Alpha 0.5.2
Alpha 0.5.1
Alpha 0.5

Alpha 0.4[edit | edit source]

Alpha 0.4, also known as the Stress Test, was first released January 11, 2020. This version, along with the patches of this version, were intended to test the game's servers in handling players. It consisted of 2 patches.

Alpha 0.4.2
Alpha 0.4.1
Alpha 0.4

Alpha 0.3[edit | edit source]

Alpha 0.3, also known as the Social Update, was a major release of Temtem introducing the new island of Tucma. With this version, the economy present in previous versions was erased and all users inventories were wiped. This release introduces new features, balancing changes, gameplay improvements, and more. There were 8 patches of Alpha 0.3, with them listed below.

Alpha 0.3.8
Alpha 0.3.7
Alpha 0.3.6
Alpha 0.3.5
Alpha 0.3.4
Alpha 0.3.3
Alpha 0.3.2
Alpha 0.3.1
Alpha 0.3

Alpha 0.2[edit | edit source]

Alpha 0.2 was the first major update to TemTem since its initial closed alpha release. It features the introduction of a new island, Omninesia, character customization, trading and a lot of the mechanics present in the current version of TemTem that were missing from the initial release. In this version, the game economy reset, with all pansuns and inventory being wiped. There were 8 patches of Alpha 0.2, with them listed bellow.

Alpha 0.2.8
Alpha 0.2.7
Alpha 0.2.6
Alpha 0.2.5
Alpha 0.2.4
Alpha 0.2.3
Alpha 0.2.2
Alpha 0.2.1
Alpha 0.2

Alpha 0.1[edit | edit source]

Alpha 0.1.11
Alpha 0.1.10
Alpha 0.1.9
Alpha 0.1.8
Alpha 0.1.7
Alpha 0.1.6
Alpha 0.1.5
Alpha 0.1.4
Alpha 0.1.3
Alpha 0.1.2
Alpha 0.1.1
Alpha 0.1